We ensure that visitors from any part are provided with their right to privacy and whatever data is collected does not breach the privacy policy in any manner. Whatever data is acquired by the visitors is considered to be legal. Our privacy policy is applicable to all the pages of our website.

• We do not collect any kind of data that reveals the personality identifiable information. until and unless you choose to offer us that information.
• Security practices are carried out to secure all kinds of personal information.
• Non-personal information that is related to the visit to the website is temporarily stored automatically.
• Our website does not sell, disclose, give or transfer any kind of personal information about the visitors until and unless it is required by the law enforcement authorities or Federal laws.

Privacy act information:

We strictly regard the policy related to the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Act”).
We will:
• Observe the rules and conditions mentioned in the Act related to fair use and collection of personal information.
• Meet all the legal obligations to specify the purposes for which the personal information is being collected.
• Collection and processing of the information collected to an extent that is required to fulfil the operational needs or to meet any kind of legal requirement.
• Make sure the accuracy of personal information that is stored by us.
• The checks to define the time period length that we will keep the information with us.
• Make sure that the information we are keeping with us is complying the act fully in every sense and manner.
• To take all kinds of necessary organizational and technical security steps to safeguard personal information.
In case we collect some data from you, we will make sure that before finally submitting the personal information, we ensure that you are informed about:
• The purpose of why the data is being collected
• Where we will use the submitted information
• How will you be able to request for the copies of your personal information that we keep with us

Please make it sure to you that wherever our websites make use of the links of the other websites, we are not responsible for the privacy policies that those websites follow. All the above mentioned statements are applied solely to any kind of personal information that is collected by our website.
Moreover IP addresses are not linked up with the PII. We only make use of the IP addresses to make an analysis of the trends, administer our own website, gather broader demographic information for aggregate use and track general user movements and nothing else.

In addition, we make use of the cookies on our website. We do so to track the interests of our visitors and users so that we may be able to add to their experience on our website. If your browser will reject the cookies, it does not mean that you cannot use our website, you can still use it.
If you are interested to know more about the Act we are following to ensure privacy, you may visit site to read UK Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Act”).