AIDS: AIDS is the late phase of HIV contamination, when a man’s insusceptible framework is seriously harmed and experiences issues battling infections and certain diseases. HIV tests are utilised to recognise the vicinity of the HIV, the infection that causes AIDS in serum, spit or pee. Such tests let you know whether you are tainted with HIV or not. As per a harsh evaluation given by the WHO started in 2000, lacking blood screening had brought about 1 million new HIV contamination’s around the world.

There are two sorts of HIV infection, the HIV-1 and the HIV-2. Unless noted generally, in the United States, the expression “HIV” essentially alludes to the HIV-1. HIV-2 diseases are transcendental, found in Africa. HIV is spread through blood and genital liquids, including pre-seminal liquids and semen or breast milk. One can get to be contaminated with HIV by involving in unprotected sex or different sorts of sexual conducts with an HIV-constructive individual, or by sharing needles, syringes or other infusion hardware with somebody who is tainted with HIV. There is a proper timing for the testing of HIV that is recommended by the government of UK.

European AIDS Clinical Society:

About: To control the excessive spread of the AIDS and to eliminate this deadly disease, the European AIDS Clinical Society is formed. This society is a non-profit society. The mission of this society is to create awareness among the public about HIV from all aspects. They are determined to reduce this deadly disease from this globe. The funding comes from various sponsors and grants from all over the world are coming to support this pious task of saving the world.

Conferences: EACS is aimed to give the best knowledge about the treatment of AIDS. They conduct conferences so that they can reach their overall aim of combating AIDS. The European AIDS Conference is held every 2 years.

Education and Training: Providing education and training to the new researchers and clinicians is part of the EACS. The funds and support has been taken from various partners of the society and some un-conditional grants from all over the Europe. The sponsors cannot interfere in the matters of the educational programmes. The entire arrangements and policies of these educational programmes are based on the society itself. They are offering different courses, like Advanced HIV Course and European Clinical Research Course.

Advanced HIV Course: The first session of this educational programme was held in Montpelier, France, in the year of 2003. In the period of 2003 to 2014, this programme has successfully trained more than 600 fresh graduates and clinicians.

European Clinical Research Course: This programme has been designed in order to give good practice and training to the young and fresh graduates, which they missed in their academic studies. The skills which are taught in this programme are essential, in order to become a perfect clinician.

Sponsors: The EAC Society has profoundly acknowledged the sponsorship of the Gilead, Abbvie and ViiV Health care.

The Sixth Millennium Development Goal: United Nations and Their Sixth Millennium Development Goal; United Nations is dedicating much time and effort in combating HIV as a whole. In order to do this, they have developed a programme as part of the Millennium Development Goals. The Sixth Millennium Development Goal of UN has 3 parts, named as 6A, 6B and 6C. The goal 6A is to begin the reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS in the year of 2015

The goal 6B was to be achieved by 2010 and the aim was to provide a beneficial and quality treatment of AIDS all over the world. The goal 6C was to stop the spread of the various diseases like, malaria. This goal is also to be achieved in the year of 2015.

WAVE: WAVE’s main goal is to promote the welfare of HIV-positive ladies in Europe. WAVE will attempt to lift up fairness of access of all the basic and medicated facilities to HIV+ women. It will also create some awareness among females to handle the affected people.